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First Baptist Church of Wasilla

Special Music


Things to Do


  • Volunteering is appropriate and encouraged.
  • Give the Music Minister a list of songs you have ready or are working on.
  • Let the Music Minister know when you are ready.
  • When notified of scheduled date, give the Music Minister title of song and copy of the words as soon as possible. This helps eliminate duplication/overlap of song titles and allows for thematic planning of worship.
  • Occasionally, you may be asked to prepare a specific song not on your list.


Rehearsal/Sound Check


Learn the song and rehearse on your own. The Music Minister is available for assistance; just call.


Sound Check Schedule


Sunday Morning Service

Sunday morning sound check at 9:00 AM

Sunday Evening Service

Sunday evening sound check at 5:30

Other rehearsals with the sound system may be scheduled through the Music Minister or the Technical Director.

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