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First Baptist Church of Wasilla

Faith Visitation


FAITH - Sunday School Evangelism Strategy

What is FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy?


FAITH teaches a believer a simple way to effectively share his faith in Christ with others. The FAITH team member learns how to talk to others about their spiritual lives, and to discern through dialogue where another person is spiritually. FAITH prepares the learner with a simple outline for sharing the Gospel with others.


When Does FAITH Meet, and What Happens?


FAITH meets on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM at First Baptist Church. We meet for about an hour for sharing and growing closer as a team, and learning how to make ministry and evangelistic visits. Then we go visiting. Visiting usually lasts for a little over an hour. After visiting, we come back together to share the things that God has done during our visits. This is a very encouraging and rewarding time together. A FAITH semester meets for sixteen weeks.


How can I Participate in FAITH?


First Baptist Church has three FAITH semesters per year. If you'd like to join FAITH in the next semester, contact Carolyn Dompier or any church staff member. You can also support our current semester by praying for our teams on visitation nights!


Could a FAITH Team Visit Me?


Yes! If you would like for a FAITH team to visit you, please contact us and we'll get a visit scheduled for you as soon as possible!




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